The Byrna LE, Byrna's most powerful handheld launcher! This kit contains no chemical projectiles and is legal in all states in the US.

The Byrna LE features a completely redesigned trigger interface and valve assembly to fire .68 caliber rounds at a speed of up to 330 feet per second. The new trigger design on the Byrna LE allows for a much smoother and lighter trigger pull, providing a better experience for the shooter.

* This kit does not come with chemical projectiles.


  • (1) Byrna LE Launcher
  • (1) Byrna branded EVA travel/storage case
  • (1) 5-count tube Pro Training Projectiles
  • (1) 5-count tube Kinetic Projectiles
  • (1) 5-count tube Eco Kinetic Projectiles
  • (2) 5-round Magazines
  • (2) 12g CO2 cylinders


  • .68 caliber projectiles (15 per Kit)
  • 5-round Magazine (2 per Kit)
  • Uses 12-gram C02 (2 per Kit)
  • Picatinny Rail
  • Honeycomb over-molded grip for better control
  • Ambidextrous Safety
  • White dot sights for improved target acquisition
  • PATENTED PULL-PIERCE TECHNOLOGY: CO2 is stored in the launcher unpunctured until the first trigger pull. On the first trigger pull the CO2 is punctured and a projectile is launched simultaneously.
  • UPGRADED WHITE DOT SIGHTS: High-contrast bright white sights which allow for quicker acquisition in high-stress situations.
  • SUPER-CHARGED: the Byrna LE Launcher is 60% more powerful than the SD. Max projectile speeds of 340 feet per second.
  • STANDOFF DISTANCE: Accurate at up to 80 feet.


  • Kinetic Energy - 16 joules*
  • Muzzle Velocity - 330 fps*
  • Magazine Capacity - 5 rounds
  • Shot Capacity per C02 - 18-20 shots**
  • Effective Range - 60'
  • C02 Size - 12 gram
  • Pistol Size - Mid-sized

*Average first 10 shots*
*At room temperature*